We are Film at Lincoln Center

We are the workers of Film at Lincoln Center. We are programmers, coordinators, editors, marketers, ushers, fundraisers, theater staff, and more. We are proud to help bring the best in cinema to New York City’s audiences and shape film culture worldwide. 

Some of us make as little as $15.50 an hour with no benefits; the median salary for all full-time staff in the union is $58,250. 

Without a fair contract, we cannot make ends meet in NYC.

We deserve a living wage and a fair contract.

FLC has rejected our proposal to provide healthcare coverage and meaningful pay increases to our theater staff, who have been at the frontlines of FLC’s return to cinemas during the pandemic. Furthermore, FLC spends nearly twice as much on compensation for a handful of the highest-paid executives as it spends on the salaries of the entire full-time unionized staff. 

We need your help.

Support a fair contract and a living wage for the workers of FLC and NYFF!

  • Email our Executive Director Lesli Klainberg at lklainberg@filmlinc.org and urge management to ensure fair compensation for all FLC workers.
  • Show your support on social media! Tag @FilmLinc on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #FLCUnion #faircontract.
  • Follow us for more updates: @flcunion on Twitter and Instagram.